“Of all the interconnected problems we face, perhaps the most serious is the proliferation of our own species.”
- Sir Crispin Tickell

In this first volume of the Human Overpopulation Atlas the reader is presented with a compilation of scientific literature, as well as persuasive argumentation from an array of experts, with the intent on making the case that many of the symptoms of ecological, environmental, sociological, geopolitical and economic predicaments that have tainted our world, have a root cause or can be, indubitably, linked to our vast and rising numbers.


And how could it not? Every new human passenger on this Earth comes equipped with necessary requirements that need to be met to safeguard his or her’s existence and flourishing. That person will require food, water, shelter, clothing, energy, materials, technology, transport, infrastructure, space and security and will, in turn, exude residues and waste, alter habitats and pollute the atmosphere, soil and watercourses.


Even if each and everyone of us contributes in an almost imperceptible way, 7.6 billion and rising is a tremendous number that our minds can’t even begin to conceptualize, with all of those trivial impacts amounting to profound transformations. The Human Overpopulation Atlas describes those deviations.


Click below to watch an introduction video where I briefly explain what the Atlas is all about.              



João L.R. Abegão, 30.

My academic background is a BA in Environmental Health and a Masters in Ecology and Environment. I'm currently a PhD candidate at the Doctoral Program Climate Change and Policies for Sustainable Development at the University of Lisbon.


My interest in Human Population arose from the literature of authors which were much more prescient and timely than me. Their many contributions forged my interest in reviewing their work and put my thoughts into paper. In effect, the Atlas is, an 'extended phenotype' of their intellectual undertakings.

My ethos is to have as many productive dialogues, discussions and debates regarding our human condition and the impacts of overpopulation, so feel free to get in touch. 

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"If you have Knowledge, let others light their candles in it."

Margaret Fuller